The Jolly Butchers

Welcome to the Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington - CAMRA nominated after only one year in business and one of the Guardian's Top 10 pubs in Britain...

We always have a huge range of Real Ales, Ciders, Craft Beers, Stouts and World Class Lagers on offer and due to our high turnover these are always at their very best.

Along with our sister pub the Crown and Anchor in Brixton, we are proud to say that we source our Real Ales and Ciders from some of the best breweries that Britain has to offer, and also go out of our way to use smaller and specialist breweries from London and the South East whenever we can.

When it comes to our Lagers and Craft Beers we have some of the top names to be found anywhere and source these locally, nationally and internationally.

 Jolly Butchers outside
About Our Beers
We work closely with many of the top brewers in the country; our Real Ale, Cider, Craft Beer and Premium Lager selection is truly enormous and we introduce new brewers to our portfolio on a regular basis. Remember to keep checking back here to see what brewers we're using this week, what's coming on soon and what we plan for the future.

About Our Food:
We believe that great beer deserves to be paired with great food, and with this we knew that it was extremely important that our head chef was able to put together all the elements necessary to bring you delicious food that complements our beers, appeals to a broad range of tastes, and inspire his chefs to always produce the best. We want you to eat here regularly and so, with the exception of a few regular dishes our menu changes on a daily basis. See our sample menu for an idea of what we're serving this season.

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